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Eucom – Your first-choice provider for high-volume language assessments in real-time

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Impactul Language Learning după COVID -19 -

Your company’s gone global, you need to hire great talent fast, but don’t have the time? Now you do.

Eucom Business Language is the premier language company in Romania, with over 18 years of growth, commitment, and value. We offer services in over 30 languages, with a team of 50 expert professionals, who provide assessments in Speaking, Writing, and Grammar.

Aside from who we are, there are many advantages with us that you won’t find anywhere else. First, we are the leading authority in our market, founded in our institutional partnership with ATLE, the creators of the European framework of A/B/C in languages. Second, we boast a wide range of testimonials from multinationals like Bayer, Webhelp and Wipro, to local branches of worldwide organizations. Third, and most important, we deliver real-time results, at high speed and high quality, to beat the competition, and help you win.

How your company could benefit from outsourcing its language assessments needs is simple. Together, we would conduct more interviews in less time. Just imagine, in the time that it takes one skilled HR manager to schedule and conduct one interview (about an hour) of a highly valuable language (say, Dutch, Hebrew, or Polish) our team does four. In a high-demand language like English, French, or German, in an hour we do fifteen. Multiply that over a day, a week, a month, or a year, and we have ourselves a very valuable, and very useful service.

Contact us for a free trial demo, in the language of your choice. We are friendly. 🙂

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Silviu Dragomir, Managing Partner @EUCOM

Data articol: 2 aprilie 2020