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The Unassessed Life: Why We Assess at Eucom

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The Unassessed Life: Why We Assess at Eucom -

The words uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity must be reexamined before the end of the year. Not least of all to account for the past few months. While we are at it, let us add to that list the words insecurity, instability, and frustration, because, let’s face it, Life has always been this way. And it might get worse.

We live in darkness, or otherwise we wouldn’t seek out the light. Mining data, holding interviews, learning a language—no matter what, we explore, because knowledge gives us power. The power to improve ourselves, the power to connect with others and to flex our strengths. This is what helps us land the perfect job, encourage others, and grow the right team, despite adversity. Without knowledge or power, we ask, how do you do anything? On accident?

That’s why we do what we do at Eucom. Whether it is training, translating, interpreting, or transcribing, we are committed to giving you more confidence, strengthening relationships, and just plain improving the quality of life around us. We want to represent that. Of course, always through a lens of language, because we believe language is the ultimate key to success. Still, the fundamentals remain the same: improvement, commitment, partnership, and excellence. These are our weapons against the futility of frustration, and the ineptitude of insecurity, in this ever-changing world in which we live.

Returning to the central issue, let us talk about how we combat darkness, how we bring the light. Language assessments. Think of it this way: we don’t just test people, we say we open their eyes. Once you know your level, you can improve it, or brag about it, or share it with prospective employers. The same goes for our major league corporate partners. Our partners need speakers of multiple languages, to contend in international arenas, to expand, and to bridge cultures, as they do daily. And yet, in a marketplace where anyone writes “advanced speaker” on their resume—a misrepresentation on top of the already hectic reality of on boarding—how much energy do managers exhaust trying to suss out the truth?

It is our passion to make everyone’s work simpler, clearer, and better. So, we employ an automated platform with graphic reports. Also, we are not indifferent to our partner’s needs or our candidates. So, we ensure all support and interactions are friendly and personal. Next, we are aware of what is at stake with each assessment. So, prioritize people and missions. Lastly, whether you are a partner or a candidate, we have your back. All our services are affordable, fast, and flexible.

Getting even more specific, consider our Business Speaking Assessments. These 15-to-20-minute calls over the phone have the cool nature of a conversation, but the importance of an interview. They can be scheduled at any time between 8 AM and 8 PM. And in over 30+ languages. For more details, let us set you up with a demo. It is always good to know where you stand in a language, anyway, not just to live in darkness about it. Now, as a bonus for reading this post all the way, we want to give you a gift. We will make the assessment in your language of choice, including a personalized report of where you can improve, absolutely free. Call our office today at +40-758-089-137 or email us at

A wise man once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Well, we tip our hats to the genius, yet kindly add another truth. The unassessed life, in today’s market, is not worth hiring. See you in real life – Eucom. Your bridge to the world.

Data articol: 2 iulie 2020