Of all the impediments that may arise in communication, language has been identified as the most important, closely following cultural differences and time zone.

Through verbal language, people express their opinions, ideas and social interaction is thus, easier. At the same time, language, or the misuse of it can make communication difficult, cause misunderstanding and even end a relationship.

If there can be a connection between two people who do not speak the same language, it is well known that a professional relationship cannot develop in the absence of a common language and this has become a matter of concern.

Language barriers are here to stay, but they can be overcome If we become fully aware of their effects on businesses and if we invest time and will in employee development.

So, let us highlight just some of the most common effects of a low language level:

  • Misunderstanding tasks – It is very likely that an employee who does not know the language spoken in the company very well will not fully understand what is being asked of him. This is a situation that will certainly generate frustration, delays, complaints and it will affect teamwork.
  • Project delays – misunderstanding tasks will result in project delays that may have an impact on the team or directly on the end customer, if we are talking about a BPO company, for example. This may send the wrong message about your company: low competence, frivolity, poor quality of services.
  • Superficial relationship with partners – Knowing a foreign language is not just about knowing a series of words and grammar rules. Knowing a foreign language means knowing an entire culture that involves rules of behavior, ways of relating to certain situations, etc. Cultural incompatibility often causes the greatest imbalance in relationships because people tend to be attracted to other people who are just like them. The fact that an employee has a superficial knowledge of a foreign language can ruin the relationship with a foreign partner who will feel that he does not resonate with that person.

Thankfully, to each problem, there is a solution. In this case, language courses 😊. Language barriers can be a challenge, but working with people of different cultures and backgrounds is what drives innovation, creativity, and success. Don’t let language barriers stand in the way of embracing everything a diverse workplace has to offer.