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Corporate Italian Courses

The Italian Language Course is necessary for companies operating in industries such as finance and banking, commerce, power and automotive and exploring investment opportunities or seeking collaboration with multinational Italian companies. In order for the interactions with suppliers and customers to be advantageous, a thorough knowledge of specialist vocabulary and structures is vital. Assess [...]

Corporate Spanish Courses

Communication in Spanish is essential for the company employees that collaborate with major players from Telecom & IT, commerce and banking sectors. The business environment has become global, so, today, the customer portfolios are not based on geographical boundaries and can include companies from Spain, Mexico or Chile. However, for a proper interaction, the Spanish [...]

Corporate German Courses

Romanian companies are increasingly turning their attention to German language courses dedicated to their employees. This way they accomplish their objective of being key players in a business environment where Germany’s economic power equals business opportunities. However, in order to actively participate in conversations with German partners, the employees’ language skills must be at an [...]

Corporate French Courses

French language courses, specialized in accordance with the industry and the department, are increasingly popular with companies that initiate international projects. In this context, France is a key economic partner, the fifth global economy and the third destination for foreign investment. Thus, along with the development of partnership with multinational French companies, new challenges emerge [...]

Corporate English Courses

In today’s business environment, companies aim at expanding more and more on various markets. Therefore, one of the strategies to build lasting professional relationships is to approach partners and clients through more and more appreciated means of communication: Business English. Teaching English through a personalized approach, we are committed to offer the trainees essential tools [...]

Romanian Courses for Expats

The Romanian language course addresses the newly arrived foreigners to Romania who, due to their day-to-day work activities, need to learn Romanian and understand specific cultural elements. In accordance with their level of proficiency, the expats will learn basic elements of Romanian and will become familiar with the Romanian lifestyle and various cultural aspects of [...]