The Romanian language course addresses the newly arrived foreigners to Romania who, due to their day-to-day work activities, need to learn Romanian and understand specific cultural elements.
In accordance with their level of proficiency, the expats will learn basic elements of Romanian and will become familiar with the Romanian lifestyle and various cultural aspects of our country. They will develop their writing and speaking skills in order to interact with Romanian employees, business partners or colleagues and will acquire the ability to argue and build assumptions complying with the Romanian grammar rules and vocabulary.

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What are the benefits for the trainees and for the company:

  • The trainees will be able to participate in conversations in Romanian about their own activities or other familiar topics
  • They will confidently tackle day to day work situations that require the use of Romanian language (written communication in emails, attending business meetings, telephoning)
  • They will give fluent speeches in Romanian and understand complex topics approached by their Romanian colleagues
  • They will perceive linguistic subtleties and nuances and will adhere better to the company they work for

The Romanian courses are relevant for the Romanian market, company expats being able to achieve specific and general communicative objectives: improving written and speaking abilities, understanding specialist vocabulary from their sector (public relations, HR, sales and acquisitions).