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Foreign Language Courses for Companies through AGILE LEARNING

Programs Personalized Training offered by Eucom

Ideal for employees: independent, knowledge-driven, collaborative, and result-oriented

Why Agile Learning?

We continue to support the needs of organizations through innovative and personalized programs such as AGILE LEARNING because:


of employees use their own devices for learning


of employees learn in the evenings and on weekends


of employees learn while commuting to and from work


of employees cannot find what they want to learn online


The “Agile Learning” program is a premium mix that includes:

1 face-to-face session per week

with Eucom trainers

E-learning platform

Unlimited access to the portal (minimum 15 minutes/day)

Trainer support

Coaching, resource allocation, monitoring, and feedback from Eucom trainers


In real-time

Monitoring portal

For the HR department

Unlimited access to the eLearning platform

Unlimited access to the eLearning platform

Eucom provides companies with access to the EUTEAM online platform for real-time tracking of course progress:

  • Continuous monitoring of established objectives
  • Online records of ongoing and completed courses
  • Attendance lists recorded for each participant
  • Monthly result reports and feedback from Eucom trainers

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