The Implementation Process

Customized training based on the clients’ objectives

The profession, the field and the targeted abilities dictate the way in which we learn a foreign language, as well as the steps we take for that purpose.

We initially examine a company’s needs with regard to the course participants’ linguistic abilities.

We jointly set objectives and decide on how best to run the course:

  • group courses or individual courses
  • classroom courses, online courses or courses “on the move”

We then test our participants to decide their learning level.
Once we form the study group and decide the number of sessions required to meet the goals (we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week), the training program begins.

Our teaching methods are adjusted on a session-to-session basis according to the participants’ real (even spontaneous) needs. In order to achieve the initially set objectives, course attendance is crucial.

Our trainees are awarded linguistic competency certificates in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Depending on the course, we can issue NAQ diplomas (National Authority for Qualifications) and certificates which are nationally and internationally recognized.