Learning as we know it is a complex process of discovery, collaboration and inquiry facilitated by language, which is the primary basis of communication and thought, as well as a defining feature of culture and a mark of personal identity.

So, just by placing the two terms next to each other, we realize that learning a language, especially a new one, is an active process which takes time, patience and requires constant practice.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day but in more than 1,009,491 days 😊, don’t get your hopes high! You can’t become proficient in a second language in 2-3 weeks, overnight or by passively listening to songs or watching TV shows.

So here are a few tips we can give you:

  • Make time – once you’ve started, don’t give up! Invest small amounts of time on a regular basis. Here is some information about how Agile Learning works.
  • Have a learning objective: have a clear image of your starting point and your final destination. Here language assessment helps!
  • Make mistakes – mistakes mean progress.

There you have it. Good luck! 😊