What is language assessment?

We offer companies professional, relevant and effective language testing and assessment of their candidates or employees, thanks to our online platform giving results and reports in real time.

Do you need to test candidates in the recruitment process?

If the HR team recruits for roles requiring language skills, we test the candidates with the aid of our online platform, which helps you save time in the recruitment process and also cut costs by 70%.

Do you need professional language assessment for your employees?

If you are implementing language training programs for employees, we test the targeted employees, giving you a clear insight into their language proficiency, which helps you make the necessary decisions a lot easier.

5 reasons for using professional language assessment

Double-checking whether a candidate has the language proficiency they claim in their resume has never been easier
Language audit helps identify the employees in need of language courses
By measuring employees’ language proficiency, interventions can be easily organised, based on specific needs
Each employee will know what the company requires in terms of language proficiency in order to receive a promotion
Technical skills must also be accompanied by language skills

The scores we give candidates comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The EUCOM online testing platform features tests for 20+ languages, can support up to 10,000 online tests per day, and results can be viewed in real time.

Languages assessed

Language testing for 20+ languages with a team of 35+ assessors

The Common Reference Levels

All our results comply with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Online Testing

Try a 12-question online quiz in just 3 minutes!

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Why is it necessary to use professional language assessment in companies?

Companies need candidates to prove language proficiency for their roles.
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