The importance of Language Assessment in the recruitment process

The attention that we pay to future employees can generate additional costs for the company, as well as benefits. One of the abilities that people often overestimate, and sometimes underestimate, is knowing a foreign language. There are various situations in which professional language assessment can be absolutely necessary in the recruitment process. We are talking here about the situation in which the candidate, due to his or her desire to obtain a certain position, writes in his or her CV information that the employer wants to see, or the situation when a candidate suffers from low self-esteem and thus underestimates his language level.

What is the language assessment process?

Language assessment is a practice that has been used more and more often lately by companies when hiring new employees, but also when offering advanced positions to current employees. There is an imperious need among companies to test, both existing and future employees, and acknowledge how well they know the foreign language which is used the most inside the company, that lingua franca that should be well spoken and understood among employees, thus offering a professional overview of the company, and facilitating communication among team members.

How does the language assessment process take place?

The people whom the company decides to include in the language assessment process have to undergo two phases. First, they will take a 40-minute multiple choice test with 60 questions, and after that a 15-minute speaking test. During this conversation they will be asked various questions, with different levels of difficulty. At the end, the candidates’ abilities are assessed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and in a few hours the employer receives a full report which describes the language skills that have been assessed.

What are the advantages of specialized language assessment?

Our team periodically organizes trainings for our assessors, trainings that help us make sure that the people who test candidates, have C2 levels in the language that they assess, and pay thorough attention to each candidate, are empathetic and have good people skills. Thus, a first advantage of the language assessment service provided by EUCOM is the fact that the process is carried out by specialized assessors and guarantees an objective and accurate result.

The promptitude, the simplicity and the transparency of the process are also important qualities of the language assessment process developed by EUCOM. We have developed a digital system which gives the client access in real time to all the information and results. Taking into consideration that time is a valuable resource in the recruitment process, promptly assessing the language skills of the candidate can offer the recruiter a competitive advantage.

Moreover, our team has assessors and tests on the platform for over 31 languages, thus being able to test all the language skills of a candidate. Regardless of the language that the company wants to be tested, the assessment and reporting process are the same, the services are integrated and have the same level of quality.

Of course, language assessment is often followed by a language training program, which is a benefit that the new generations of employees look for in a job.

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