Online Testing

Our online tests are complex and effective tools that determine the language level of the test-taker.

Below you can find a couple of free mini samples of our tests which offer you a glimpse of your level.

These quick tests include 10 to 12 medium/advanced questions and can be taken in up to 3 minutes.

Mark the correct answer and at the end you will see your score by submitting the test. You have the option to see any wrong answers versus the correct ones, by clicking on the button “View questions”.

English Quiz

Eucom English Language Test

German Quiz

Eucom German Language Test

Dutch Quiz

Eucom Dutch Language Test

French Quiz

Eucom French Language Test

Italian Quiz

Eucom Italian Language Test

Russian Quiz

Eucom Russian Language Test

Turkish Quiz

Eucom Turkish Language Test

Spanish Quiz

Eucom Spanish Language Test

Romanian Quiz

Eucom Romanian Language Test

Czech Quiz

Eucom Czech Language Test

Greek Quiz

Eucom Greek Language Test

Hungarian Quiz

Eucom Hungarian Language Test