Communication in Spanish is essential for the company employees that collaborate with major players from Telecom & IT, commerce and banking sectors. The business environment has become global, so, today, the customer portfolios are not based on geographical boundaries and can include companies from Spain, Mexico or Chile. However, for a proper interaction, the Spanish training course needs to describe activities immediately applicable to trainees’ reality.

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Activities a trainee undertakes in a Spanish language course?

  • Precisely communicating and contract negotiatiating with Spanish employees and suppliers
  • Sharing ideas and experiences in meetings
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Drafting financial documents and offers, taking orders
  • Developing a selling or marketing strategy in Spanish

Thus, through an integrated skills approach, trainees acquire and master the essential specialist vocabulary, understand details from written and spoken messages, improve their writing skills in topics of interest and practice their fluency through class discussions, debates and various presentations in Spanish.