The Italian Language Course is necessary for companies operating in industries such as finance and banking, commerce, power and automotive and exploring investment opportunities or seeking collaboration with multinational Italian companies. In order for the interactions with suppliers and customers to be advantageous, a thorough knowledge of specialist vocabulary and structures is vital.

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Communicative skills trainees acquire by participating in a customized Italian course?

Some of the skills developed by the learner in a training course tailored to his/her needs and learning objectives are:

  • Expressing opinions in a tactful manner
  • Interacting with customers and providing relevant information in Italian
  • Ordering arguments and highlighting contrasts
  • Discussing and assessing employees’ performance
  • Actively listening and conflict resolving in Italian

In order to perform in an international team or to apply for a job rotation program in a subsidiary in Italy, Romanian professionals study Italian. Thus, in a constantly changing business environment, they secure an effective communicative tool with their Italian interlocutors.