French language courses, specialized in accordance with the industry and the department, are increasingly popular with companies that initiate international projects. In this context, France is a key economic partner, the fifth global economy and the third destination for foreign investment. Thus, along with the development of partnership with multinational French companies, new challenges emerge in communication and foreign languages sectors implicitly.

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How trainees learn specialized French language?

Trainees manage to communicate correctly and coherently by :

  • Inductive and deductive methods of teaching new specialist vocabulary
  • Role plays and presentations that activate specialist vocabulary and the rules of usage
  • Free discussions as well as guided ones on significant case studies
  • Use of special structures and formulas for official writing
  • Simulations of real work contexts

So, apart from acquiring new structures, the customized French language course aims at the use of the foreign language in day-to-day work activities. Putting into practice various face-to-face, written, on the phone communication situations, the trainee becomes immediately productive and gains confidence in his/her communicative skills.