In today’s business environment, companies aim at expanding more and more on various markets. Therefore, one of the strategies to build lasting professional relationships is to approach partners and clients through more and more appreciated means of communication: Business English.
Teaching English through a personalized approach, we are committed to offer the trainees essential tools in order to successfully communicate in a global business environment: extended written and oral communication skills.

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Abilities trainees develop through a specialized language course

  • Drafting reports, financial documents, presentations in English
  • Communicating by phone or in meetings on different levels of formality
  • Debating and arguing in English about strategies in marketing campaigns, financial development plans or technical processes
  • Networking in both formal and semi-formal business contexts

English language courses are tailored according to the company and trainee’s profile, ensuring that the trainees meet their job goals and gain confidence in day-to-day communication. They acquire the vocabulary specific to their industry and experiment real situations, specific to business context, optimizing their input in the company’s work process.